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Bisma Eight: A Hotel Review

Bisma Eight: A Hotel Review

Located on Bisma, just a 10-minute walk from the center of downtown (both the palace and Monkey Forest Road) is Bisma Eight, a luxury boutique hotel set in the nature of Ubud and styled ever so smartly to incorporate both comfort and local heritage. 


I found Bisma Eight through the powers of Instagram algorithms and was drawn to the accommodation from their direct website booking; a 15% discount on all your food & beverage, daily afternoon tea for 2 people, and complimentary guest activities daily, in addition to the included breakfast and hotel gym.  I was already staying in Ubud, and didn't need a ride from their airport, but wanted a change of scenery and thought it was desirable to stay close to town, but not in the thick of things where it can be noisy and crowded. 


Arriving at the hotel was an extremely pleasing experience.  While I waited for my room to be ready, I was offered a seat on a comfortable and stylish couch and quickly offered a refreshing welcome drink.  A small note - I needed to use their public restroom after arriving at the property and it was immaculate, a very positive sign of what was to come. 


About 15 minutes after waiting, my room was ready.  My bags were swiftly taken to the Garden View suite I reserved and the lovely front desk staff processed my registration (I was not required to pay anything in full in advance of my stay) and answered my questions perfectly.  I was really excited about the abundant complimentary guest activities offered throughout the week; daily yoga, an introduction to Balinese Dance, a Canang Sari class (which is a Balinese offering), a visit to the Bisma Eight Gardens, a cooking class, and a master mocktail making class.  So much to do, so little time. 


After check-in, I was handed a vicinity map with contact information to be used through WhatsApp if I needed anything while out of the hotel and then I was shown to my room via a small tour of the property while everything else was explained to me.  Just passed the restaurant stairs were the library and cafe, the complimentary breakfast was offered upstairs in the restaurant, which also served lunch and dinner; Copper Restaurant and also had a bar.  Then I was brought down one floor to the elevator passed the gym, through the garden and to my room.  The pool and pool bar and the restaurant was only a short walk from my room.  I was located on the bottom level of rooms.  The rooms above me had balconies and some with views of the nearby jungle.  


The tour didn't stop there.  I was given instructions for everything in the room, where it was located, how to maintain the power (keep the room key in the keycard slot) where the complimentary water was stored and where the minibar and safe were. I was immediately smitten with the efficiencies of the room; There were a number of power outlets and lights conveniently located by the bed, a separate table to sit beside the couch, and of course, the Japanese soaking tub with bath salts. So far, the service was outstanding. 


After settling into my room I headed out to check out the pool and grab myself some lunch at the poolside cafe and looked out over at the lush view while I rested and nourished myself.  What I loved the most about my arrival up until this point was the energy.  It's hard to put into words, but I felt extremely relaxed and comfortable.  And I was so glad this property already felt like the right fit.  I ordered some fish tacos straight away and although they took a while longer than I expected they were quite tasty and hit the spot. 


The remainder of the week was quite busy and subsequently, I didn't spend as much time at the hotel as I'd hoped for.  I also ended up leaving the hotel quite early a few mornings for excursions and missed out on the morning yoga classes, but I did use the gym nearly every day and although the treadmill speed was extremely inaccurate, it definitely did the job for running comfortably in the tropical climate. Oh! And there was a heavy duty foam roller in the gym that was very much needed from all of my travelings and exploring. 


One important and noteworthy observation was the number of staff always working and available all over the property throughout the stay. I never felt bombarded by their presence, but it gave me a sense of security and safety and attention to detail.  Everything was taken care of properly and swiftly and everyone was extremely friendly, courteous and kind, always stepping out of my way, checking in with me and smiling. 

I also decided to hire a driver from the hotel to take me for a full day of exploring north of Ubud and it was worth every penny.  I paid more than I would have if I went into town and negotiated with someone, but for the service and safety and friendliness I was shown, it was worth it. My driver's name was Lion, a sweet young man from nearby and I was driven around the island in a Bisma Eight van.  I was given complimentary wifi in the van, cold or room temp water, cold towels and tissues throughout the day. Lion was extremely attentive to my comfort and new the ropes of where we were heading quite well. In addition, I needed assistance taking photos several times through-out my day's activities and Lion was gracious enough to patiently assist me.  It was another unexpected bonus. 

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Nearly 100% of my stay was excellent.  There were only two things I didn't love - a glass of rosé I tried from the bar, which was probably my fault because who orders rosé in Bali? And the food wasn't out of this world for the price.  Of course, things at a hotel like this will be marked up, but it also marked up my expectations.  When I found something I liked I stuck to it, but I also went into town to get more amazing food for less than or the same price.  Although what seemed to make up for the food was the fast and reliable wifi signal I had everywhere on the property.  It wasn't different in the lobby than in my room and didn't disconnect as you went from one part of the hotel to the next. It wasn't something I was used to in Ubud, so it had exceeded expectations. 


From my recent and beautiful experience, I can't recommend Bisma Eight enough.  I paid for every penny of this stay and was offered zero to write a review and express my thoughts about the hotel. But the experience was so lovely, I couldn't help myself, but to write and share my understanding of this property and the next time I return to Bali I'm sure I'll find myself staying here for a few nights. 


If you decide to check out Bisma Eight while traveling in Ubud, please tell them Taryn from Her Travel Style sent you, and have an amazing time! Let me know how it goes. 

All the best and Bon Voyage!


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