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8 Lessons from 8 Months of Traveling the World Solo

8 Lessons from 8 Months of Traveling the World Solo


8 Lessons from 8 Months of Traveling the World Solo 12/20/2016

8 months ago this week I quit my corporate job to follow my dream of traveling the world.  

My trip isn't yet over, but during this month's celebration it's as important as ever to sit and count the blessings, think about what there is to be grateful for and celebrate what lessons have revealed themselves to date. 

So today, I'm sharing eight reflections:

1. People are still kind everywhere. We may come from different cultures, backgrounds and governments but each person has the capacity to show grace and compassion anywhere. I'm especially grateful to those who have shown me this kind of love and generosity. 

2. Everywhere you go, you're there. Travel doesn't all of a sudden heal any part of you that needs attention or is suffering. Healing still takes time. Travel and being out in the world most certainly helps, but a bad day may arise and it's ok. You'll get through it. Show yourself love and forgiveness. 

3. You'll always go over budget and that's ok too. Part of the magic of travel is what beautiful and spontaneous things can happen. You don't know at any moment you can meet an incredible person or group of people and suddenly you're ordering a bottle of wine you didn't budget for. But do it! That's what life on the open road is about. 

4. To be your happiest, you have to do what's unpopular. Solo female travel can make people nervous. Quitting your very secure job to become "funemployed" can make folks insecure. But it's all good. It's just a projection of someone else's stuff. So marching to the beat of your own drum is what will serve your soul the most. Honor the unpopular route. 

5. Life is so short and so precious. From Ankara to Aleppo and Berlin to Paris, Orlando, NYC, Boston and everywhere in between there is and has been suffering. It is important to acknowledge humanity and not take a breath or day for granted. Love each other. While in Buenos Aires I got excited to see a friends wave across the street and I was nearly hit by a cab...Do what you want now. There is no time like the present. 

6. Trust yourself, your path and your story. I've met so many travelers along the way and everyone does it differently. The traveler I was in April isn't who I am today. And with every trip I learn more, I grow and I understand more of what I want from my travels. So if I need to go from Japan to Los Angeles and then to Argentina and Antarctica it's all good! You write the rules. And it's beautiful. 

7. Be open to all possibilities. At any moment you may meet your new best friend, discover a hidden gem, fall in love with a place you never expected. Having an open mind and heart can lead you to the best wonders of your journey. 

8. Wear lipstick where ever you go! It may seem silly to put on a bright pink shade of lipstick to board a zodiac in the South Shetland Islands, but do it anyway. No one says you have to stop living authentically because you're in Antarctica. In fact, Antartica will teach you that in the quiet wild your heart is free to feel what it wants and needs. On any day lipstick is a good idea. Go for it!!! 

Wishing you all the best on whatever journey you're on.

Let me know how it's going!



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