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10 Stylish Travel Essentials for Ladies

10 Stylish Travel Essentials for Ladies

No matter how long the length of your flight, one wants to be comfortable on her journey, right? At the same time there's no reason to sacrifice style, but often times the process of traveling through airports, security and getting on and off tight airplanes doesn't make it all that smooth and easy.  So, I'm here to help.  Here's a few tips and a hot list of things to remember to bring and wear on your next holiday. 

1. Journal

you may be a reader, or napper, or movie watcher.  And you may be super present and living in the moment on your holiday, but at some point you will reflect on your time or feel the excitement in anticipation of your holiday and you'll want to write down your experience or tape some cute mini polaroids to always have the personal highlights.  A cute journal is always a good idea.   One of my favorites: AKR Design Studio. 

OMG here comes your future unlined journal

OMG here comes your future unlined journal

2. Wireless head phones

noise cancelling headphones are a dream come true, but sometimes they are clunky and hard to fit in your small travel bag, so the next best (and stylish) thing are bluetooth headphones that fit comfortably in your ear, hang neatly behind your head, and efficiently rest around your neck when you need to pull them out of your ear.   Not only will you get great sound while trying to relax in your seat, but if you like to stay fit while you travel, they are comfortable for exercising too; not heavy and frankly, they look cool too. 

One of my favorites: I. Am+ Buttons in rose  

3. Sneakers

Airplanes get cold.  Airports can be large.  Security can make you take off your shoes.  And if you've ever cut it close to departure time, sometimes running is actually involved. So that you don't have to walk around barefoot and can avoid discomfort, travel in some comfortable and classic sneakers.  Your feet swell on the plane, so there's no sense in having to squeeze them into straps. And you can always throw sandals in your carry-on if you really want to swap them when you arrive at your tropical destination.   

One of my favorites: Stan Smith by Addidas  

A typical outfit for a flight.  Long dress. Long kimono. Stan Smith sneakers. Cross body bag.

A typical outfit for a flight.  Long dress. Long kimono. Stan Smith sneakers. Cross body bag.

4. Cross body bag

If you like to travel with a backpack or large tote bag, I'm still going to urge you to pack up a cross body bag inside your carryon.  The ability to have a stylish yet utilitarian bag option that can help you feel both efficient and secure with your personal items is what you will look forward to by traveling with a cross body bag.   

One of my favorites: Prada nylon bag  (spacious, folds easily, cleans easily)

source: neiman marcus 

source: neiman marcus 

5. Jacket or long cardigan/kimono

even if you're flying to a sub-tropical destination you will want something that helps you feel cozy when the air is pumped up too high and the plane may not offer blankets.  Something light is fine (unless of course you are traveling to a cold climate), but also consider the length.  There's nothing worse then leaning forward to grab something from under the seat in front of you and your shirt rides up while your pants haven't covered your crack from the hours of sitting on the plane.  Grab something that hits below the waste or even comes down longer to the knee.  Its a stylish silhouette and gives your the comforts of being covered when you need it. 

One of my favorites: Tuesday Scarves

6. Scarf  (or sarong)

this one hardly needs an introduction.  You need a scarf is just about every weather condition.  You're caught in a sprinkle of rain and no umbrella.  You are chilly under the Caribbean evening breeze.  Too much air conditioning not only on the plane, but in the large shopping centers and stores.  You may need to cover your head and/or shoulders out of respect... the list goes on.  You might also end up using it as a pillow during your flight.  But stay stylish and comfortable with a beautiful scarf in the weight of your choice.  Even better is if you find one from your travels in a bazaar in Istanbul or in a market in Varanasi. 

One of my favorites: H&M

image source: H&M

image source: H&M

7. Passport holder  

because I like to express my sense of style in all things that I do, of course I can't have an ordinary passport holder.  Whilst traveling one autumn in London, I came across a pop art installation in the lobby of a hotel and discovered Boyarde, an uber talented artist who paints on all kinds of accessories.  After a little more research, I worked with her assistant and sent her my Louis Vuitton passport holder and together we worked on the perfect artwork to paint on my passport holder.  During my travels it is easily the number 1 item I consistently get compliments on, as I often use it as my only wallet as well.  Even if you don't have a LV product, consider getting your favorite passport holder or travel wallet customized by this incredibly talented woman:   

Louis Vuitton with Boyarde pop art  

boyarde passport holder at Park Hyatt Tokyo

8. Hat  

a hat can be a funny thing to travel with, especially if you are bringing a big floppy one that doesn't fit in your suitcase, but of course bring it.  It's also a good excuse to cover any airplane hair when you arrive at your destination.  And, if on the off chance you forgot your sunscreen, a hat can take part of the responsibility until you find some. 

One of my favorites for the heat: lulus

for the cold: flyingtigerSK

9. Makeup bag  

another stylish must!  Whether you're filling it with makeup remover wipes, chapstick, earplugs, moisturizer, a compact, concealer, eye mask... you catch my drift... you need to have this stylish little pouch handy and assembled for your journey.  

one of my favorites: Muji 

source: Muji 

source: Muji 

10. Carry on suitcase

Admittedly, I am not the most minimal of packers, but for a short trip, a cute carry-on is a no-brainer.  Packing something light, durable, and functional is also key to have something reliable and beautiful in tow.  I had heard a ton of hype about Away bags, founded by two former staff of Warby Parker, who were disrupting the carry-on bag scene at a more affordable price point, so when they partnered with Pop+Suki and came out with a gorgeously pink bag (my favorite color), I went for it.  And I'm thinking you might want to as well. 

One of my favorites: Away 

So, there's your top ten stylish travel essentials!  Oh, and one last thing.  I often wear a long comfortable dress when I travel as well.  It not only helps with keeping it off the floor when you use the public restroom, but can also act as a comfy cover during your long hours of flying. 

Hope these have been helpful and informative for you! Safe travels and bon voyage!

(Oh! and be sure to let me know what you think)



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