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A Packing List for Costa Rica

A Packing List for Costa Rica

colorful boats on Lake Arenal

colorful boats on Lake Arenal

Are you planning for a trip to Costa Rica this year?  Fun!  Let me help!

I traveled through-out much of Costa Rica and Nicaragua last spring and I put together a list of things to bring along.  Costa Rica is known for its beaches, volcanoes, rain forest and diverse species of animals and birds.  If you’re into horseback riding, surfing, bird watching, zip lining, hiking, or white water rafting, this country is for you.  Note: Costa Rica is known for having two seasons - summer (December - April) and winter (May - November) or better known as dry and rainy seasons and are opposite like that in the US. Staying aware of these seasons will have a positive impact on what you bring and how you pack.  

My biggest recommendation is to try and avoid having to check a bag. Why? Not only do you save extra baggage charges, or have to worry about having your bag misplaced, you will simply have less things to worry about and wash!  In a busy world, who wants more to do when you get back from your get-a-way. You might pack a big bag, just in case, but chances are you won’t wear most of it!  And if worst comes to worse, you can always wash clothes in the sink and re-wear - unless your a style blogger and you need all of the amazing outfits for your daily photo shoots. 

If you're traveling alone, be sure to pack a tripod or selfie stick to help capture your memorable shots.  If you're traveling with friends and you're tight on space you can always leave those tools at home and ask your friends to be your personal paparazzi.  If they are real friends, they won’t question it. 

If you are planning to be in Costa Rica during rainy season or “green season” be sure to carry something in your backpack/tote that you can change into in case you are wet.  It’s harder to enjoy your sight-seeing and activities when you’re soggy. You can also buy a really cheap rain poncho from rei for $5 and keep it in your bag - just make sure to dry it out in the room overnight so it doesn’t get moldy and stinky when you have to pull it back out. 

Lastly, they may not be the most attractive shoe choice, but amphibian hikers are a totally functional shoe for support on your long walks/hikes and breathable in case you are in or around water.  I wore mine white water rafting and they were perfect for climbing over rocks and they dried out pretty quickly after the rafting was over.  By the way, style is about how you wear what you are wearing as much as it is what you choose to reflect your personality.  So be comfortable and own it. 

Happy Packing!


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