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Do You Want a Better Relationship With Your Mental Dialogue? The BEST book for your next flight

Do You Want a Better Relationship With Your Mental Dialogue? The BEST book for your next flight

michael singer quote

I first purchased  The Unthetered Soul after reading an issue of Oprah Magazine where she included an article of some of her favorite spiritual books.  On my return from Barnes & Noble I was excited to open the pages and dive into the unfolding, but after reading the first page I closed the book and put it on my shelf.  I can't explain why I had the initial resistance, but I realize now that at that moment, back then, I wasn't ready. 

A year later I decided to do some energy work and it was immediately recommended that I read The Untethered Soul.  I remembered my book purchase and realized it was time to pull it off the shelf and go back in for the message. And it didn't disappoint. 

Do you ever listen closely to the voice inside?  How do you feel about it? Do you want it to be quiet? Be kinder? Less judgmental? More supportive?  Well, you can.  I took this book along with me during a stressful period of time at work and read it from city to city.  With each chapter, I felt a little more aware and more open and clearly more calm. 

What Michael Singer explains in his New York Times Bestseller is YOU are able to find inner peace, open your heart, and remove limiting beliefs. He helps you to identify the sources of pain and your relationship with those places of pain within yourself and how to release it and turn it into joy.  If you declare that you really want to be happy without any strings attached, Michael will explain the way with great thoughtfulness and care. 

In the noisy world we live it today, you deserve to feel like the best person you can on your short time here on the planet.  Go for it in a big way.  And you can uncover your highest level of bliss.

Traveling to Paris?  A Must Read Before you Go

Traveling to Paris? A Must Read Before you Go

A Packing List for Costa Rica

A Packing List for Costa Rica