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Are you a mosquito magnet? Three tips to help keep them away!

Are you a mosquito magnet? Three tips to help keep them away!

When you sit outside for three seconds are you already feeling the bite?! If you're a magnet for mosquitos, you're probably willing to do or try just about anything to keep these critters away from your body.  After much research and experimenting all over the world, here are three tips that have potential to help you reduce issues with mosquitos.

Three Tips to Avoid Mosquito Bites

1.  Use an insect repellent lotion (with deet) instead of a spray

Insect repellent lotion will have a better chance of absorbing into the skin and last longer depending on your day's activities. And you don't want 100% deet, as it could irritate your skin.  Look for the ranges of 30%. 

Put insect repellent lotion on your skin in the morning and at night, depending on your outdoor exposure and sleeping accomodation.  

The Ultrathon Insect Repellent, shown in the picture above, has 12-hour protection and with the right deet percentage, less product will be wasted as opposed to a spray, which also gets wasted in the air.  

2.  Don't wear black

Mosquitos are prehistoric and have found their own ways to last the dawn of time.  If they blend into your clothing they have a better chance of going undetected.  Put together a capsule wardrobe that excludes black. As a bonus, you'll feel cooler and end up with cuter photos too. 

In addition, if you can keep the skin covered with loose long sleeve shirts and pants you will have a greater chance of avoiding contact with the mosquitos. 

3. Shower/rinse off frequently  

Mosquitoes can be attracted to sweat and body odor.  I'll let the scientists explain how your secretions affect mosquitos, but If you find yourself perspiring frequently in a tropical climate, it might be helpful to wash off and freshen up the skin more frequently. 

Give those mozzie repllent tips and whirl and enjoy your next holiday!



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Your International Pre-Travel Planning and Safety Checklist

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