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Top Ten Things to Do in Budapest, Hungary

Top Ten Things to Do in Budapest, Hungary

In 1873, Budapest, the Hungarian capital, united three cities to become what it is today.  On the west of the Danube River is Buda and on the east is Pest.  In fact, it's a fun activity to walk the Chain Bridge from one side to the other and take in the views of both sides of the city by day and continue to explore Budapest by foot.  From the art and architecture, to thermal springs, ruin bars, and flavorful food, there is much to see and do and eat in this gem of a city.  

Top Ten Things to Do In Budapest

1. Take a riverboat cruise on the Danube River at night


With Buda to the west and Pest to the east, the Danube river is lined with iconic architecture that glows in the night light as you peacefully cruise your way up and down the river. 

2. Visit Fisherman's Bastion


If this structure looks familiar, it could be because it reminds you of the Walt Disney logo. Built in 1902 the Fisherman's Bastion was built on the Buda side of the Danube around Matthias Church. It has seven towers and a terrace that offers panoramic views. 

3. See the Hungarian Parliament Building


With Neo-Gothic architecture, the Parliament Building is the third largest in the world and the largest in the city. This notable landmark sits on the bank of the Danube River and is beautiful both by day and at night.  

4. Take a dip at the Szechenyi Thermal Baths


Located in the city park, comprised of 21 pools, and heated by two thermal springs, this is one of the largest medicinal bath complexes in all of Europe. You can experience a number of treatments, services and fitness activities at the spa too. 

5. Visit Hero's Square


Hero's Square is the largest square in Budapest and is worth seeing by day and by night. It features statues of chieftains, kings, and Archangel Gabriel all laid to celebrate the thousandth anniversary of Hungary. 

6. Tour the House of Terror


The House of Terror is a museum dedicated to the victims of communist and fascist regimes, who were detained and killed in the building, as well as a museum exhibiting a great breadth of history from the differing perspectives of those dictatorships.  This well thought out museum shares an important glimpse into the history of Hungarians. 

7. Explore the Great Synagogue


The Dóhany Synagogue is the largest in Europe and the second largest in the world. In a Moorish style, the architecture is gorgeous and it also houses the Hungarian Jewish Museum.  You can take a tour of the building or appreciate the facade. 

8. Take in views of Budapest from the Gellert Hill Citadella


The Citadella is a fortress that sits atop Gellert Hill. Built in 1854, it now offers both tremendous views of the city (from the Buda side), but also includes a number of monuments, like the Statue of Liberty. 

9. Eat at the Central Market Hall


The largest and oldest market in Budapest with groceries, eateries and souvenirs. Although the most noteworthy cuisine may be goulash, there are a number of local treats worth trying like the fried dough, stuffed cabbage, and pastries. 

10. Grab a drink at the Ruin Bars


Head to Szimpla Kert to check out the first Ruin Bar.  Converted from abandoned warehouses and decaying factories, hip bars, and clubs now take over this huge complex with nooks of art, graffiti, and random objects. Oh and get yourself some wine. 

Bonus: Stay at the Corinthia Hotel Budapest 

Where Wes Anderson got his inspiration for his film, The Grand Budapest Hotel. Ask to see if they still offer the Grand Budapest Hotel Package, which includes a historical tour of the hotel and a screening of Anderson's film. 


Have an amazing time explornig and getting to know this fantastic city.  And as always, be sure to send over your trip highlights. 

Bon Voyage, 


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