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A Totally Instagramable Day In Reykjavík, Iceland

A Totally Instagramable Day In Reykjavík, Iceland

Are you heading to Reykjaviík on a stopover to Europe? Or planning to spend a few days in the northernmost Scandinavian capital city? Either way you're in for a most memorable travel experience.  Whether you only have 24 hours or a few leisurely days to spend in the city, it's a great place to rest up from jet lag, relax, get your supplies for your road trip, eat great food, take in some art, or explore on foot. 

Reykjaviík isn't like a Barcelona, teaming with tons of landmarks and buildings to explore inside and out, but that's where the charm comes from.  Its quaint and cozy and you can better learn about the people, the culture and their community by taking the time to explore through the cities' limits. Whether you hire a walking tour or go about exploring on your own, there will be a number of things to do that will meet your tastes.  Bring your camera, some great stylish walking shoes, and have a great time!

The 11 Best Things to Do in Reykjavík, Iceland

1. Get coffee at Reykjavík Roasters

This is a super Instagrammable coffee spot with an integrity and respect for both nature and people.

pink kettle.png

2. Visit Hallgrimskirkja church and climb the tower.  


A Lutheran Parish church and the tallest building in the city.  It offers terrific views of the greater city area and mountains in the distance.  If you time your visit right, you may be able to photograph the church's shadow right down the center of the street.  But it does require a morning visit. 

3. Eat brunch at Snaps Bistro


Not only is the food gorgeous (and delicious), but so is the restaurant. 


5. Explore the city by foot and take in the art and the architecture.


If you have this thing with doors, or street art and graffitti, local artists and artistry, or architecture there is a lot to take in and enjoy by taking your time to stroll through the streets on foot.  Mini art installations, artwork and paintings are around every turn and adds an extra special touch to this wonderful city. 

6.  Browse the shops


There is more to shopping in Reykjavík than the store, Geysir (like the vintage shops and bespoke jewelers), but it really is one of the most fun and beautiful to explore in town. 

*Note - if you see something you love, just buy it.  Otherwise you'll come home, look back and photos and regret not getting it while you had the chance!

7. Get a drink at the Lebowski Bar


Yes. You got it. This bar has been inspired by the actual movie The Big Lebowski.  You may not desire a White Russian, but it's worth stopping in for a drink at this fun bar. 

8. Go swimming at Sundholl Reykjavikur pool


The oldest in town and located in downtown. You can swim indoors or enjoy the hot tub. 

9. Eat fresh seafood at the Seabaron restaurant


Opt for the world's best lobster soup.  If you're not gluten intolerant, it's really easy to eat an entire basket of their bread and butter on your own. 

10. Get ice cream at the Paradís Ice Cream Parlor


Paradis is both yummy and cute to look at. 

11. Finish the night at Prikid


Eat, drink, enjoy the tunes and check their website for any events. 

If you want more information about how to prepare for your trip to Iceland, check out the 15 Things To Know Before You Go to Iceland post.

Hope you have an amazing day in Reykjavik and do be sure to share what else you discover!

Bon Voyage, 


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