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Want to Have the Most Legit Experience at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland? Better read this right now

Want to Have the Most Legit Experience at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland? Better read this right now

The blue lagoon at night

Leading up to my June trip to Iceland I was given a ton of opinions about the Blue Lagoon and how to do it.  Some people said, "Don't bother. It's over-rated. Just visit one of the free ones in the countryside." Others warned that "you have to book far enough in advance. It gets really crowded."  I also heard, "It's best to do it on the way to the airport before your flight."  Also noteworthy, as I write this post, the Blue Lagoon is going through an expansion, and building a 5 star hotel, so there's also construction machinery and work to possibly contend with. 

Despite all the commentary and circumstances, I knew I needed to experience the Blue Lagoon for myself and be the judge of my own joy.  Plus, I started to feel stressed about what this place was all about. Since I'm someone who likes the road less traveled, I decided not only to go to the Blue Lagoon, but I booked it mid-week, AND at the last opening of the day, 11:00 pm.  

As you might already know, the sun never really sets in Iceland in the summer, so you can experience the phenomenon of the midnight sun.  What better way is there than to end your day in a relaxing spa-like wonder with easy sunlight?  

It is with great pleasure that I present to you, 5 serious benefits of booking your appointment at the Blue Lagoon late in the evening:

1. Far less people.  Because this is a popular tourist destination and people like to book before their flights, mornings reserve up quickly.  So you will sit in the lagoon at maximum occupancy.  It is a big space, but tourists from all over the world have different cultures and customs when it comes to shared spaces and manners.  Why take the chance of not having your ultimate experience?  And if you look closely in the photos above you'll notice there aren't any people in the background.  The lagoon was nearly completely empty and I was the last person out!

2. True calm.  Since you won't have to worry about your departure time and baggage, you can truly take your time.  The lagoon closes at 1 am.  So, you truly have time and can find your peace. In addition, Because its popular for folks to book their appointment on the way to the airport, travelers are time conscious.  This can cause more frenetic energy as they try to stick to their schedule, grab their luggage and head out to wait for their shuttle busses.  You won't have to worry about the busting energy while you try to relax. 

3.  Meet cool people. If someone decides to hang out in the lagoon late, they likely think like you too.  Outside the box, road less traveled travelers or locals who can provide great conversation and insight if you're open to it. 

4. Softer skin.  When you make your booking you are offered a mud mask with the properties that also make the water special.  Put one on for 10-15 minutes, rinse your face with the lagoon water, relax and let your skin soak it up.  After many weeks of traveling, the next morning my skin looked the best it had in as long as I can remember.  A truly restorative process and evening.  Plus I slept great! 

5. Save money.  Since you're not heading straight for the airport, you can borrow amenities from your hotel or airbnb - meaning you don't have to rent a towel, robe, or flip-flops/sandals from the Blue Lagoon, increasing your a la carte costs.  Bring your own and enjoy - especially since there's surge pricing in the summer when tourists flock to the island. You can enjoy your savings on other adventures and delicious food during your trip in Iceland. 

In reference to the meet cool people bullet above, I had the opportunity to meet the host of the private lounge while wading in the water and he shared how the lagoon works, it's regulation, the algae, salt water, and silicon properties. It's worth checking out The Blue Lagoon website and reading about how this magic happens and where this lagoon was relocated from.  

I hope you have a tremendous experience at The Blue Lagoon and I can't wait to hear all about it.  

Happy Travels, 



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