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12 Quirky Reasons Why You'll Fall Madly in Love with Tokyo

12 Quirky Reasons Why You'll Fall Madly in Love with Tokyo

What have you heard about Tokyo so far? A bustling metropolis with neon lights and skyscrapers? A city dense with historic temples, gardens, and the infamous cherry blossoms? What about a movie reference from the film, Lost In Translation? 

Well, all of these are accurate references for the amazing city of Tokyo, but hopefully this post will take your awareness of Tokyo to a new level.  If you're interested in learning more about the culture, social behavior (both old and new), and fascinating energy, then consider this list of 10 quirky reasons why you'll quickly fall in love with Tokyo.  And then book your flight and go! You are in for one hell of a treat.  


12 Quirky Reasons... in no particular order


1. The vending machines

Vending machine goodness  

Vending machine goodness  

Between the options, categories, abundance, flavors, and locations it is hard to top the vending machines in Tokyo.  If you're looking for drinks (hot or cold), food, toys, umbrellas, watches, condoms, underwear, and basically just about anything else, you can find it in one of the infamous vending machines throughout the city. 




2. Kawaii

Kawaii is Japanese pop culture's obsession with all things cute and lovable. You will hear it in high-pitched voices, notice the desire to have large eyes, see it in the lolita fashion (think bows and lace), and decora. You even see it on things like Eva Airlines' planes with the Hello Kitty themed aircraft. 

These young adults were just going for a ride through town in their go-carts whilst dressed in Mario Brother's costumes. That is all. 





owl cafe

owl cafe

3. Animal cafe madness

Love animals?  You can have a close encounter of your own kind with a variety of animals throughout the city.  Owl cafe, cat cafe, rabbit cafe, hedgehog. . .  Pick your little friend, and make yourself a reservation at any of the cafes around the city. 

Everyone gets in a nice orderly line to ride up the escalator

Everyone gets in a nice orderly line to ride up the escalator







4. The organization

This one isn't exactly quirky, but most certainly noteworthy and part of what makes this already special city more special.  Despite the number of people and intensity of crowds, locals have order and organization down to a science.  The relaxed state amongst the chaos is a total sight to behold. It boils down to consideration and thoughtfulness.  Everyone manages to keep things peaceful and courteous, depsite the volumes of people trying to share a train, for example.

In a hurry, always remember to stand to the left on escalators so folks can quickly pass you on the right. 

Hotel toilet in the Park Hyatt, Tokyo

Hotel toilet in the Park Hyatt, Tokyo


5. The toilets

Warm water, cold water, strong pressure, light pressure, lighting, music, heated seats. . . all of the options you can expect from a variety of toilets through-out Tokyo.  You might not consider this a necessary delicious treat, but once you experience the type of toilet that suits all of your greatest desires you'll quickly decide you need more of this in your life.  Enjoy! And you're welcome. 


waiting for the show to begin

waiting for the show to begin




6. Themed Restaurants and Bars 

Robot Restaurant, where ladies perform in neon bikinis and your eyes fill with strobes of light. Ice Bar, where everything is made of, well, ice. Maid cafe, a place where your waitress acts like a servent dressed in a maid costume.  Are you intrigued yet? 








7. Harajuku 

You've likely heard Gwen Stefani reference Harajuku girls in her music or maybe read about the avant garde shopping you can do, but this is a neighborhood worth spending some time in. You can stroll and witness a stroller full of cats, buy yourself a gorgeous kimono, eat crepes and giant cotton candy cones, grab a coffee at an uber-hip cafe,  or simply get inspired by the street-wear scene. There is tons of quirk in store for you in this part of town.




8. Karaoke madness and for 1

Planning a trip for one to Tokyo? You won't have to worry about missing out on Karaoke if you're feeling bashful.  Tokyo even has Karaeoke booth's for one.  You can always hang out at the bar and join a group of strangers if you're feeling up for it too.  But Kareoke is in full effect in Tokyo and should not be missed. 




9. The best manicure of your life in Narita Airport

If you end up getting to Narita Airport for your return flight home early and you have some time to kill, consider getting yourself some fresh nails before landing back home.  A manicure anywhere in Japan is a treat, but you will get great care at the Nail Quick Salon in Narita.






10. The Parisian influence

In the mood for delicious dessert, macarons or crepes while you travel? No need to worry because Tokyo has you covered.  Whether it's located in a train station or at a food truck or at a vendor something Paris inspired is at your fingertips.  There's also great shopping all over Tokyo and you can find European inspired frocks throughout the city. Consider Ginza, Roppongi or Asakusa as great neighborhoods for shopping. 


Pepper in Shinjuku

Pepper in Shinjuku

11. The Technology 

You might find yourself checking into your hotel with assistance from Pepper.  Or you may need to find yourself an awesome external battery for your cell phone, which will be hard to choose just one whilst in Tokyu Hands.  But wherever your technology needs or interest lie, Tokyo is going to have something noteworthy to write home about.  




12. Street Style and off-beat fashion

Some people may refer to the street fashion in Tokyo as "weird" but consider it eccentric, eclectic, or one of a kind.  Whether the ladies are in baby doll dresses and tights, or fellas are in their best fashion week realness, it is a sight to see with your own eyes and worth a visit just for the looks.  



Now that you're inspired, get booking and have an amazing time!  

Send over your best Tokyo adventures!

Bon Voyage, 


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