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A Totally Instagramable Day in London - Part 1 (Chelsea to Belgravia)

A Totally Instagramable Day in London - Part 1 (Chelsea to Belgravia)

This is a day for you if you have this thing with pink, doors, and sweet beautiful treats! You are doing it for the 'gram after all, right? Make sure to wear comfy shoes and your stylish pastel accompaniment, because today will be a day of walking and bus riding.  Get yourself an upper deck seat as you ride into town. Something may catch your eye that's not on this list and you'll want to go back and explore more for yourself. Plus, this beautiful part of town is best seen as you leisurely ride along to Kings Road.

The Ivy Chelsea Garden.jpg

10 Things to Do and See in Chelsea, London

1. Fuel up and eat at The Ivy Chelsea Garden... and take your time.


It's best to have a reservation before you arrive, but if you're traveling solo you might be alright to slip in as long as you are willing to give up your table when they need you to. 

Everything about this particular restaurant is delightful; from the structure and set-up to the decor and airy garden vibe. Even the food not only tastes brilliant but looks it too. 

The Ivy Chelsea Garden
195 -197 King's Road
London SW3 5EQ 

2. Head a little west and pop into Vivienne Westwood World's End

You're a stylish traveler, right?  Then you won't want to miss Vivienne Westwood's original boutique! It has a careful selection of clothing from the brand's archive and has sincere style inspo. Note: the boutique is closed on Sundays, so if you want to experience the shop, best not make this instagrammable trip on the weekend. 

430 King's Rd, London, SW10 0LJ

3. Head back towards The Ivy Chelsea Garden but swing a right to see the infamous Pink LOVE Door.


This door is pretty self-explanatory, although I was dying to meet the person who owned it and the story behind designing it.  But best to be discreet and not bother the neighbors. 

48 Oakley Street, London SW3 5HA

4. Time to start heading east to Smith Terrace 


Located inbetween Radnor Walk and Smith Street is a beautiful little street with loads of colorful row houses. Take your pick on this quiet little lane. 


5. Stroll your way north to Godfrey Street 

This piece of the street has such gloriously colorful homes, but do take your time and be sure to notice the shops around. There are great boutiques to pop into, which are also a feast to the eyes and the senses.


6. Not too far from Godfrey is Bywater Street


It's a little bit of a quiet street with beautifully colored pastel houses 

7.  Then you're off to Draycott Place


You'll have noticed by now that there are tons of doors to photograph that aren't listed here and little surprises here and there, so keep your eyes peeled! Although Draycott Place isn't full of pastels, it's handsome architecture is worth beholding, as it feels fantastical and gives you the sense of really being in London. 

8. Now, you have two options; if you're still pumped about the architecture and don't need a break you can head further north into Knightsbridge and look out for Princes Gate Mews, Egerton Cres and Lennox Garden Mews

9.  Otherwise, you will now be close to the Saatchi Gallery and Sloane Square. If you're in the mood for some art, or snacks, or a change of pace, hang out around here for a bit. 

10.  And for the grand finale, you will walk your last bit of steps to Belgravia and visit the uber Instagrammable, Peggy Porschen Cakes


Not only are the cakes beautifully decorated, but fun fact, Peggy, who is from Germany, fell in love with British Sugar Craft while she was a flight attendant.  Hello, fellow female travel lover!

You are now not too far from Westminster and Mayfair and Soho, so if you're not staying in this part of town, hop on the bus (the stop isn't too far from the cake shop) and make your way back towards your accommodation for some dinner!  If you need a recommendation, I'd love to share the restaurant Flat Iron with you.  Oh, and they have multiple locations around the city.  Enjoy!


I hope you find this to be a Totally Instagrammable Day in Chelsea and I look forward to hearing about your travels!

Bon Voyage, 



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